Using an Exercise Band for Physical Therapy

Nowadays, physical therapy has become something so common that most individuals have either heard of it, been through it, or will soon be going through it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, seeing as there are a lot of benefits to this kind of therapy. The tools used to heal these individuals are often much less invasive than other methods of joint repair. One of the most common items used in the typical therapy session is the exercise band, which can be found online. This useful tool can be put to work on just about any part of the body for various different reasons. Here are some of the top uses of the common exercise band.

Ankle Strengthening
One of the most common injuries seen today is the sprained ankle. An ankle can become injured in many different ways, but the most frequent sprain is when the ankle gives way and rolls to the inside of the person’s body. These kinds of injuries can be extremely painful and require months, of not years, of therapy to fully heal. In some cases, the joint may even require surgery to repair torn ligaments and tendons. When this happens, the doctor will often recommend therapy afterwards to help the individual regain strength and mobility of the injured ankle.

Using the exercise band, many people with bad ankles will be able to improve their muscle function though a series of strengthening exercises. One example of this type of exercise is the typical sit and stretch routine that people can perform for a few minutes each day. This activity is pretty simple. The person must sit on the ground or in a chair of some sort with the leg fully extended. He or she must then put the center of the band down and around the foot while holding the ends in either hand. The individual will be able to put tension on the ankle by pulling the ends of the band tighter or letting them out a bit. He or she should then move the ankle back and forth as well as side to side, covering the full range of motion, which helps the ankle to regain control and stability.

Hip Exercises
On top of these useful ankle exercises, people with injured hips can also make use of the exercise band during therapy. Individuals with hip replacements or a hip injury are able to perform a variety of exercises to help them feel as close to normal as possible after an injury or surgery. One such exercise is performed with the band and a sturdy post of some kind (a person could even use the leg of a chair or table). Wrapping the exercise band around the post and then around the ankle or mid-calf, the person should stand far enough away from the post that the band is fully extended. Then, he or she can move the leg forward, backwards, and to each side, focusing on the hip muscles along the way. This is a very common exercise for therapists to use, as it really seems to help restore the muscles of the hip to their original glory (or close to it, anyway).

Shoulder Movements
Another common use for the band is for shoulder exercises, which can easily be performed by holding one end in one hand and one in the other wile moving the injured arm in circles or other specific patterns. These exercises, like the others for ankles and hips, are almost always guaranteed to help people improve their range of motion and muscle function.

Using an Exercise Band for Physical Therapy
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