Obesity The Main Cause For Cat’s Liver Disease

For many of us pets are like family members. We look after them as for any other member of the family and when we notice some illness we try our best to make them feel better. Moreover cats are the most studied animals when it comes to liver diseases and other diseases related to the digestive system.

Typical Scenario For Liver Diseases In Cats
In general acceptance when the cat in the house feels bad, we almost never notice. The pathology and typical symptoms aren’t so obvious as in the case of humans, because these creatures don’t have the means to express like we do. So all we could do in order to detect a possible disease that our cat suffers from is to pay attention to it from time to time and to get it to the vet periodically. All pets when they suffer from an illness they stop eating and turn from an energetic pet into a rather frail and weak. Plus in some occasions they vomit a lot which certainly is an indicator that something is wrong.

Causes For Liver Disease In Cats
Diseases similar to those encountered in human liver pathology are common for cats as well. The main causes are a little different. We find the obesity as main cause, but not the alcohol or drugs abuse. The most common liver diseases found in cats are fatty liver and liver cancer. The main cause for liver disorders in cats is obesity. Moreover, the liver diseases in cats are associated in more than one cases with heart diseases, genetic defects, infections and some other illnesses.

Symptoms For Liver Diseases In Cats
It is very difficult to detect on time if a cat suffers from a liver disease since the symptoms are difficult to spot. Since the cats don’t show specific symptoms, similar to those encountered in humans can be noticed in cats as well. First off vomiting and diarrhea are indicators that anything might be wrong, especially something related to the digestive system. In addition to those, if you notice that your cat suffers a dramatic weight loss, low to absent appetite for as long as one day and jaundice (in cats, jaundice is detected by the yellow discoloration of the skin from the back of the ears or the whites of the eyes) , then your cat might have a liver disease.

Treatments For Liver Diseases In Cats
How does a cat get so fat that it affects the liver and she might even die? Just like in the case of fatty liver disease in children, the fault lies with the “parents”. The owners have to take notice about the proper way that their cat should be fed. It comes as no surprise, that apart from similar treatments with drugs or surgery that bare used in human treatment of liver diseases are applicable in cats as well, the most efficient treatment is periodical visits to the vet and further more proper diet and physical exercise.

Obesity The Main Cause For Cat’s Liver Disease
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