Natural Recipes For Skin Care Creams

Every one wants to look younger and more beautiful than the next person. That is the reason why skin care products are so popular today. You have lot products available in the market which claims to make you fairer and younger than now. You need to pay a high price to try some of those creams from top companies. What if you can make some natural skin care products at home? Sounds great and of course it is true. Here are some tips to make skin care creams or masks at your home with those ingredients which are daily visitors of your kitchen.

Carrot is not only good for your eyes, but also an excellent medicine for a glowing skin. Mix one tablespoon of honey with a grated carrot and apply it on your face for fifteen to twenty minutes till it gets dry. Wash off the carrot mask with cold water and use it regularly to see the difference.
Natural Recipes For Skin Care Creams
Beat an egg white to get smooth foam and keep it in the freezer for fifteen minutes. Take it out and add lemon juice and grated tomato to it and again beat well. Apply this paste on your skin for a couple months to get a softer skin.

For a smooth and fresh skin, add pineapple juice and orange juice to a little wheat flour; mix it till it becomes a smooth cream and apply it on your face and neck. Wash it off with a scrubber once it is dry.

Mix well, a puree of raw spinach with one tablespoon of fresh cream. For a charming skin, apply this facial mask regularly for half an hour before washing off with cold water.

Take the juice of a small orange and mix it well with one tablespoon of china clay and five medium strawberries. Apply this strawberry mask on your face and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Don’t wash it with water; instead, wipe it with a cool towel.

If you have a saggy skin, here is a face pack to tighten it. Mix together, one grated tomato, one tablespoon sandalwood powder and one teaspoon china clay. Make a paste of these ingredients by mixing it with rose water and allow it to get dry.

If you have dark scars on your skin, you can lighten it with a milk treatment. Add fifty grams of dried pea powder, a pinch of camphor and one teaspoon lemon juice to a small quantity of milk to make it a thick cream. Apply this milk cream on your affected area and leave it till its dry. Scrub it off with some cold milk.

Walk in to your kitchen and start making your personal skin care mask!

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