Estrogen Hormone And Women Health

Background Information Of Estrogen
Oestrogen is a group of compounds that plays a significant role in the menstrual cycle. It is also known as estrogen, it mainly functions in humans as a female sex hormone, and that is why it is basically found in the female reproductive area or organs in humans .

However, this hormone has varied advantages or functions. For instance, it helps in bone formation–this development of the fetus, hence important in the development of the child in the womb. another very important role is that of fluid balance, this is also a major role which assists in the stabilization of the female during pregnancy period and also during ovulation, we also have a other important function and this is that of skin health, this hormone helps in maintaining the smoothness of the skin, this however is as some scientist claim acts as a sex attractant functions this is mainly to attract the males for instance mating purposes.

Estrogen Women Health

Forms of Estrogen
There is nowadays variety of this sort of hormone, these include one naturally produced by the female body and also there is the availability of synthetic done that is scientifically produced or manufactured. Considering the natural one or naturally produced estrogen hormone, this hormone is sometimes referred to as steroid hormones; the function like all other steroids, while the synthetic ones are mostly non- steroids.

Synthesis of Estrogens
Estrogens are synthesized in all vertebrates; this is a class of organisms that have a back bone, in most cases scientists produce the synthetic form for majorly the purposes of contraception of swallowed as contraceptives in estrogen replacement in post menopause females, this helps them develop the sex attraction features like the smooth skin for the purposes of remaining attractive and this helps them in remaining visible in their men’s sight. Also it is used in the hormonal replacement therapy for women.

It is important to note that like other steroids, the hormone estrogen diffuses through the cell membrane and once they reach inside they bind to and activate the estrogen receptors, the receptors in turn modulate the expression of many genes. In further research by scientists it has been shown the hormone activates a G – protein coupled receptors. This is an example of the example of the complex nature of this hormone even most steroids.

The Need for Estrogen Information
Considering the nature of the female body function it is ascertained that there is great need to strike a good and well calculated way of striking the balance of this hormone so as to proven possible side effects of this hormone. This is in consideration of the fact that estrogen is a steroid hormone and it is widely known that steroids do have a lot of effects on the human body functions.

For instance in this hormone considering the sex attractant function, high levels of this hormone can result into increased unnatural sex appetite, or even unnatural skin smoothness as much as these deviations may appear good or even unduly attractive their underlying effects may hold a lot of destructive attributes, that may escape the individual’s knowledge.

Estrogen Hormone And Women Health
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