Essential Massage Table Accessories

The majority of massage sessions happen on a table.  While there are other techniques such as chair massage that do not require tables, there is no doubt that every massage therapist must own a table.  However, a table on its own can only be used to a point.  Having various table accessories is an essential step in being able to provide an optimal experience for the client.

The first accessory that must be procured is linens.  The surface of the standard vinyl covered table is not ideal for lying on, which is why sheets are draped across for the comfort of the client.  These sheets should always be freshly laundered, which is why a massage therapist should have at least twice the number of sheets as people that he or she would see on a busy day.

There is a variety of sheets available, with cotton and cotton blend being the most common.  Flannel sheets are an excellent choice for colder months and areas.  Cotton sheets are more resistant to stains and they are softer, and cotton blend is less prone to wrinkling and natural wear and tear.  They both have their benefits and most massage therapists like to keep a variety available.

A table warmer can be a wonderful way to make a massage even more enjoyable.  The massage therapist simply places the warming pad underneath the sheets beforehand, and then the client is able to enjoy a luxurious and inviting table.  These are relatively inexpensive and well worth the investment.  A warm table has health benefits as well, improving blood flow and promoting relaxation in the muscles.

Another way to ensure that the client is comfortable on the table is to use bolsters.  A bolster is simply a pillow, rolled up towel, or dedicated cushion that comes in various sizes for boosting different body parts, in order to isolate them for massage or just to increase comfort.  Having a variety of shapes on sizes will help the massage therapist to consistently meet anyone’s needs.

Because there are always going to be clients of different shapes and sizes, it may be prudent to have table extensions on hand.  Some tables are not able to support larger sized clients, which is why having the option to increase table size may be necessary.

Massage therapists love massage warehouse tables because they are top quality, without being priced as such.  It is possible to have an enormous inventory of table accessories without paying the outrageous prices found elsewhere.  There is no reason to ever sacrifice quality for price, and with Massage Warehouse nobody ever has to.

There are certainly many other options available that will make a significant difference in improving the quality of any massage session.  Seeking out new additions to keep things fresh for both the client and the massage therapist is an important part of the business.

Having other luxuries like hot stone massage sets, hot towels, aromatherapy, and any of the other inexpensive but enjoyable amenities is the best way to keep things fresh.

Essential Massage Table Accessories
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