Diabetes and Diet

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes it is quite likely your doctor has told you to pay close attention to what you eat. They also state that eating the same amount of food the same time every day is essential to keeping blood sugars stable. While there is no cure for diabetes you can lead a normal life if you will exercise and eat in a healthy manner.

Many of us have tried many times to eat a healthy diet, and failed. However, when diabetes strikes it is absolutely vital you adopt this strategy. The American Dietetic Association offers some advice to get you going on the right foot. First, add more starches to your diet. Commit to eating breads, cereal, and starchy vegetables. You can also add black beans, corn and garbanzo beans to salads and stews.

Commit to eating five fruits and vegetables every single day. Take fruits and raw vegetables to work each day as snacks. You’ll be eating healthy and won’t be tempted to eat junk food from the office vending machine, and you can add vegetables to salads and stews, and even chili. When you have diabetes it is time to put on your creative thinking hat, because healthy is the key to managing blood sugars.

It is also likely the doctor told you to stay away from the sweets. If you must indulge only do it once a week, at most. Try splitting your favorite desert with a coworker or friend. This reduces your sugar and empty calorie intake and helps keep blood sugars balanced. Naturally, avoiding sugars altogether is the best way to proceed when you have diabetes, because sugar can make glucose levels go haywire. Once you have stabilized your sugars it is best to keep them in balance.

According to the American Diabetes Association people with diabetes should arm themselves with a diabetic food plan. In other words, plan in advance what you will eat, taking into account your schedule and habits. When first diagnosed with the disease, eating right can seem like a daunting process. However, your doctor and a good dietician can help you get started and keep you on track.

One way to start eating right is to have those nutritious drinks and snacks designed for people with diabetes. For example, for chocolate lovers they offer sugar free chocolate candy, along with healthy supplements like Glytrol. Once you have adapted to the lifestyle you may find that you have lowered your blood pressure and cholesterol too. Eating a well-balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables, lean meats, poultry, whole grains, and fish is the will keep you healthy and glucose levels in check.

When you are given a diagnosis of diabetes it can be quite an intimidating process to eat right. Yet, eating in a healthy manner is what you must do to keep blood sugars stable. Your doctor and a good dietician can get you started. Instead of snacking on sweets try no-sugar substitutes, and fruits and raw veggies can be eaten anytime.

Diabetes and Diet
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